With and without Needles

Quality Standards

  • Made of polypropylene
  • Highly transparent barrel
  • High contrast black graduation, permanent marking, ideal readability
  • Safe plunger backstop
  • Easy aspiration up to maximum volume
  • Plunger stopper with double sealing ring for slow aspiration and injection: Made of natural latex-free synthetic material
  • Minimal residual volume
  • Latex-free/PVC-free
  • Box of 100 pcs (single sterile-packed)

Functional Benefits

  • Excellent needle sharpness
  • Smooth penetration ensuring minimum discomfort
  • Unsurpassed syringe quality and high sterility standard

Product Specifications

Sterilized by E-O. gas, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic and single-use only

All size syringes are either Luer lock. Luer slip or off centre Luer slip nozzles

1cc syringe with detachable 27Gx1/2″ needle (Tuberculin-U100)

1cc syringe with non-detachable 30G x 8mm needle (Insulin-U100)

Disposable needles

Colour Gauge Size Length Packing
18G.png 18G 1½″ 100’s
19G.png 19G 1½″ 100’s
20G.png 20G 1½″ 100’s
21G.png 21G 1″ 100’s
21G.png 21G 1¼″ 100’s
21G.png 21G 1½″ 100’s
22G.png 22G 1¼″ 100’s
22G.png 22G 1½″ 100’s
23G.png 23G 1″ 100’s
23G.png 23G 1¼″ 100’s
23G.png 23G 1½″ 100’s
24G.png 24G 1″ 100’s
24G.png 24G 1¼″ 100’s
25G.png 25G ⅝″ 100’s
25G.png 25G 1″ 100’s
25G.png 25G 1¼″ 100’s
26G.png 26G 1½″ 100’s
27G.png 27G 1½″ 100’s
28G.png 28G 1½″ 100’s
29G.png 29G 1½″ 100’s

Disposable syringe without needles

Size Packing
1cc 100’s
3cc 100’s
5cc 100’s
10cc 100’s
20cc 50’s
50cc 25’s

Disposable syringe with needles

Size Needle Gauge & Length Packing
1cc 30G x 8mm 100’s
1cc 27G x ½ 100’s
3cc 23G 1″ 100’s
3cc 23G 1¼″ 100’s
3cc 23G 1 ½″ 100’s
5cc 22G 1¼″ 100’s
5cc 22G 1½ ″ 100’s
10cc 21G 1½ ″ 100’s